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While buying new or Used offset Printing Machines in India, it is important that one is aware of the essential terminologies used in this industry. An understanding of these terms can be of immense help at the time of dealing with an Offset Printing Machines Importer in India.

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In simple terms, a signature refers to the single printed product that comes out from a press. It may consist of several pages. Similar to handwritten signatures, each signature generated from the offset press is also different from one another and each one of them bears a distinct unit configuration. Those aspiring to purchase Second Hand Offset Printing Machines in India may contact Printoholic, a reputed Offset Press Machines Importer and Dealer in India. In fact, it is the Biggest Offset Printing Machines Dealer in India.


When Offset Printing Machines complete one full revolution, they are said to complete an impression. It is important to note here that one impression may comprise several signatures. It is always advisable to generate as many signatures as possible in a single impression, as this will ensure saving of time and resources.

Press Check

Similar to a quality check, which is carried out in manufacturing activities, a press check involves checking and approval of the signature by the customer. Generally, a customer assesses whether the finished product conforms to the requirements of color, fold, and other attributes.


This implies the time taken to set up the machine for producing the required task. Thanks to technological advancements, today, offset press machines come outfitted with presets, thus offering shorter makeready times. Of course, mounting the plates and paper will need some time. If one is on the lookout of hi-tech and branded Used Offset Printing Machines in Delhi, then they may also avail the services of Printoholic. It is an eminent Offset Machines Dealer in Delhi.

These are only a few of the basic terms used by pressmen and salesmen. Before beginning to interact with the salesmen, one needs to determine whether one is in need of a Coldset press or a heatset press. While in the former, the ink dries through evaporation, in the latter case, ink is made to dry through a dryer. Here’s some more information on Things to Remember While Working on an Offset Printing Press.

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