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Why pay more when you can get second-hand printing press machinery in good condition? Yes, you read it right! Now you can own used Heidelberg Printing Machines available at Printoholic, the country's most reputed dealer of offset printing press machines! Be it used Heidelberg 72 v, Speedmaster, Heidelberg SM102, Heidelberg CD102, or Heidelberg SM74, this company has a wide range of machines on offer, and that too at eye-popping prices! Hurry! What are you waiting for? Visit the site today!

The Speedmaster range of presses from Heidelberg boasts of advanced technological features that cater to high volumes and a wide variety of premium packaging printing jobs. They have helped several small and medium-sized companies to adopt a professional approach towards meeting their customers’ needs and to grow stronger by the day in an ever-changing market.

Here’s an insight on some of the best-selling machines of the Speedmaster series:

Speedmaster XL 106

This press is fully capable of producing highly industrialized packaging printing assignments. With a capability to deliver 18,000 sheets per hour, this equipment offers a vast range of surface finishing options. It is widely used by the manufacturers of cosmetics, fragrances, and food products.

Speedmaster XL 145

This post press finds its application in industrial production. It is a highly cost-efficient machine, which is fully adept at catering to large repeats. It is also suitable for very short runs as well as long runs.

Speedmaster XL 162

The XL 162 is the ideal equipment for producing state-of-the-art sales displays.

Speedmaster SM 52

This machine brings sophisticated technology, which is capable of supporting small and medium formats. It has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of small and medium firms. Offering high standards of reliability and performance, this machine is a true value for money. It not only provides enhanced productivity, but also offers quick return of investment.

Speedmaster CD 102

One of the top-selling presses under the Heidelberg banner, the CD 102 caters to the 70 x 100 centimeter format. The aspect that differentiates it from its rival brands is its capability to deliver a stable print quality throughout the run. Further, its ease of operation coupled with exceptional net productivity contributes to making it a great investment for any print shop. Outfitted with the Preset Plus Delivery feature, it ensures great performance at reduced costs.

Those on the search of any of the above-mentioned machines may get in touch with Printoholic, the most eminent Used Heidelberg Printing Machines Dealer in India. It offers an exclusive collection of the best-selling presses, including the likes of Used Heidelberg 72 v, Heidelberg MOVH, Heidelberg SM 74, and more.

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